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This site is the property of SEPTEO SA, a French société anonyme simplifiée, with share capital of € 6 600 000,00 . Its head office is located at Font de la Banquière, 194 avenue de la Gare Sud de France - 34970 LATTES, France and is registered in the Montpellier companies register under the number 790 675 037 RCS Montpellier.

Mr. Jean-Luc Boixel, SEPTEO’s legal representative, is the person responsible for site publication.

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In accordance with the January 6, 1978 Data Protection Act (loi du 6 janvier 1978 relative à l’informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés), SEPTEO has filed a declaration with the French Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés), receipt number XXXXX, regarding the automated processing of nominative data retrieved from its web site.
In accordance with Article 27 of the January 6, 1978 Act, information you provide in on-line forms may be communicated to and used by SEPTEO. You have the right to access and correct this information by writing to: SEPTEO, Service Juridique, Font de la Banquière, 194 avenue de la Gare Sud de France - 34970 LATTES.
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SEPTEO uses nominative information about you for internal purposes and may share this information with its partners.
As a user of SEPTEO’s site, you are required to adhere to the terms of the January 6, 1978 Data Protection Act. Violators may be subject to prosecution.
In particular, you must refrain from any collection or unauthorized use of the nominative data you access, and more generally from any action that might infringe the privacy or reputation of individuals.
The overall structure, as well as the software, text, pictures, videos, sounds, expertise, drawings, graphical elements, etc. and any other components of the site are the exclusive property of SEPTEO.
Any representation of this site, in whole or in part, by any process whatsoever, without the express permission of SEPTEO, is prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement, punishable under Articles L 335-2 of the Intellectual Property Code.
The same restrictions apply to the site’s databases. These databases are protected by the Act of July 1, 1998, which transposed the March 11, 1996 European directive on the legal protection of databases, and have been produced by SEPTEO.
The brand names of SEPTEO and its partners, as well as the logos on the site are registered trademarks (semi-figurative or otherwise).
Any reproduction of these brands, in whole or in part, and any representation of these brands and/or logos, in whole or in part, using components of the site, without the express permission of SEPTEO, are prohibited under Articles L 713-2 of the Intellectual Property Code.
Hyperlinks from this site to other internet resources and in particular to the sites of SEPTEO’s partners have received express, prior written approval.
You may not create a hyperlink to this site without express, prior approval from SEPTEO.
SEPTEO has made every effort to ensure that the information and/or software tools contained herein are accurate and available, but assumes no liability for errors, for the potential unavailability of information or for the presence of viruses on its site.
Certain information or documents on the site are accessible in French or other languages. In the event there are differences between the various versions, the French version shall apply. 
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