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ERP / Softwares

With its solutions, SEPTEO supports more than 10 000 professionals in France, Europe and over the world.
SEPTEO's business software solutions enhance the entire value chain of its clients, from production to financial management.
Thanks to our team of more than 100 experts dedicated to Research and Development, SEPTEO constantly innovates to bring the best technologies.
Electronic signature, full web applications, cloud solutions, mobility and remote work, digitalization of exchanges and artificial intelligence also provide our clients with a unique experience allowing them to optimize their activity.
With its intuitive, easy-to-use and scalable solutions, SEPTEO is accelerating the growth of its clients.

Managed Services and Cloud

SEPTEO group supports companies in their digital transformation by offering outsourcing services covering all our clients' IT needs.
The knowledge of our clients’ infrastructures allow us to offer the best technologies in a context of changing needs.
Dedicated teams master the most powerful solutions to ensure the security of all data of our clients and the infrastructures.
From the migration of local applications to the migration of the IS in the cloud, our experts analyze the needs and drive our clients towards the most convenient solution providing a successful and secured cloud experience.

Infrastructure management

SEPTEO Group offers a unique SaaS solution that combines network monitoring, data backup and antivirus protection. Our innovative solution gives you real-time visibility over your network and protection for your data. Our experience, innovative team and participative roadmap give you the best system available. This allows you to focus on your core business and provide your clients with the best service !

Outsourced solutions

Growing companies are constantly looking for leverages of productivity to improve their competitivity.
In this context, SEPTEO offers, through one of its subsidiaries, outsourcing services for teams, projects and services.
Several factors push companies to outsource. Cost reduction is one of them, but the most important stays the ability to tailor human resources and production to business and turnover.
Outsourcing service is an important asset in terms of performance; it offers companies the irreplaceable opportunity to refocus on their core business.

Digital communication

Digital communication is a strategic issue for all growing companies. It concerns all the communication campaigns to be conducted on the Web and social media with a total accessibility from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
To answer the digital communication needs of our clients, we provides Internet communication through Webmarketing services respecting the verticality of markets and adapting the right messages to the right targets!
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